We have witnessed many changes in the mortgage market over the past number of years.  Property prices have gained significantly since their lowest levels in 2011, rents too have increased substantially, in many instances, it is cheaper to purchase than to rent.

Investors too are taking advantage of the 100% mortgage relief now available to those who are willing to rent their property for the rent allowance scheme (normally 75%). It’s our prediction is that prices will continue to rise but at single digit growth as increased supply comes to the market. 

So, when it comes to looking for a mortgage we are experts in this area & can help you with financing the purchase/build of their dream home. We know from experience that getting a mortgage is more than just about getting a loan approval. It’s about your own personal journey & we want to make that as enjoyable as possible for you. Just look at our testimonials for proof. We aim to put you at an advantage over the banks by helping you to “get mortgage ready” and ensure you get your YES when needed!

Most frequently asked questions are:

  • Will I qualify for a mortgage?
  • How much will I qualify for?
  • How much will it cost?
  • Should I choose a fixed option or is a variable better?

We have arranged more than 3,000 mortgages since our inception in 1997. We know the pitfalls, the opportunities and the stresses that customers endure when dealing direct with banks or building societies.

We can help you with all the necessary paperwork, managing your file from approval, to loan offer, to completion in an orderly fashion. In short we will ensure you get the keys to your new home without the hassle. We will help you with the management of your solicitor, engineer or architect as well as your auctioneer to make sure everything runs to schedule.

So whether you are a first time buyer, trading up, building a home, looking to release funds from your home for home improvements or interested in buying an investment property, we can help you.